Basic Essentials that webdesigner and developers Must know


As we all know, there are few things that make the bad presence of website like stuffed layouts, overused color effects, old clip arts, etc., which will annoy the visitors easily in leaving off the site. Hence, they should be cleared with certain fundamentals and developing the design essentials in mind.

The main factor lies of the design and it should be well-designed to look great and also be easily navigable. Following are few essentials that help you keep your website with quality designs:

Always Follow Rules

If you are a person who learned design professionals might have known that in design school you will be given certain set of principles to obey and the rules will be assigned to the elements such as layout, effects, order, symmetry, etc. But when you get advanced you will be leaving those tiny rules as you have to create things for viewer’s eyes by intensely working on some elements such as tension, variety, contrast.

Make use of Imagery Icons to Communicate Audience

There are some known icons that are universally proven that people get used to it. Some of those are the house symbol used for home page, the magnifying glass for search bar, the floppy disk for save option, etc that are saved on users mind already. So, you can make use of those imagery icons with visual shortcuts that are easily recognized by the visitors.

Color is for Design, not for Décor

Color can do lots of things and make your work look different. Especially as the screen resolutions are good at smart phones and tablets; it is now the trend to give importance to the design facet. It is key part that can make-or-break your story. And while using photos on the screen, you can sample the design from the pictures so that it gives a unified look and feel.

Have a Clear Navigation

Clear all the hidden elements like the menus and other ineffective things that distract the visitors. If you have more categories, make sure to have fly-out menu that can be helpful and users may access the categories so easily. Also it is advised to use breadcrumbs under the header menu that helps users to navigate quickly and wonderful experience.

Hope you will like these tips on creating websites, if you want to learn more you can join in any web development training institute in Chennai that offers crash course of web designing and development for a greater exposure.